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If you're new to Intralinks, you may be wondering what product / app you have access to and how to use it. 

While Intralinks is the overall system, we offer multiple products for various business needs—and you may have been invited to one or more of them.

This article will help you identify the product(s) you have access to and guide you to information about them on the Support Center.

Note: The images below are general references. Your product view may vary based on your role / access level.

Identifying the application you are using

VDRPro - virtual data rooms

URL: https://services.intralinks.com

Main list of exchanges


Exchange view


Support Center resources

  • Articles: VDRPro Exchange Resources
  • IntralinksBot: Click the messaging icon on the lower right to get VDRPro exchange guidance from the IntralinksBot.

VIA Pro - secure document sharing Workspaces

URL: https://via.intralinks.com

Main list of Workspaces


Workspace view


Support Center resources

  • Articles: VIA Pro Workspace Resources
  • IntralinksBot: Click the messaging icon on the lower right to get VIA Pro Workspace guidance from the IntralinksBot.

InvestorVision - for investor communications

URL: https://apps.intralinks.com/investorvision

GP view


LP view


Support Center resources

DealVision - for buyside due diligence

URL: https://apps.intralinks.com/dealvision


Support Center resources

DealMarketing - for the deal marketing process

URL: https://dealmarketing.intralinks.com


Support Center resources

Identifying the applications you have access to

Switching between apps

Use the App Switcher to easily navigate between your available Intralinks apps. Depending on the product, the App Switcher is visible either on the upper right or lower left of your screen.


You can also access your Intralinks profile to see your list of available apps. 


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