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Product: Intralinks Designer
Applies to: Managers and publishers

You can view an import log — a report in Microsoft Excel format — that lists all the changes made to your exchange when you import users or groups. Update logs are in .csv (comma-separated values) format; these files can be opened with Microsoft Excel and other applications.

Note that the report shows information for groups only if you are importing information to a single exchange. The report shows information for individual users imported into either a single exchange or to several exchanges.

I want to

  • View the changes that were made when I imported users or groups


  1. Right-click the Intralinks Connection icon il_status.png in the Taskbar Notification area. A menu of options appears.
  2. Select Open Reports Folder from the menu. A dialog box opens, displaying log files for each import you have completed. Locate the file for the import that you wish to view.

    Log files are named using the following format: Import Status - <Date> PM.csv.

  3. Double-click the log file to open it.

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