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Product: Intralinks Designer
Applies to: Managers and publishers

In rare instances you may find that a problem occurs while you are using Intralinks Designer and you need to close the application and stop all associated processes. In other cases, you may need to remove locally stored data that is associated with Intralinks Designer. This can arise, for example, if the log files that are associated with Intralinks Designer become very large, affecting the performance of the application.

The Intralinks Cleanup Utility does not affect the contents of your exchanges on the Intralinks primary service, but log files, changes that have been staged and saved but not yet uploaded to the primary service, user profiles and temporary files created by Intralinks Designer may be removed from your computer.

Important! Before you use the Intralinks Cleanup Utility, be sure to exit all Intralinks applications. If you do not do so, the Cleanup Utility will not be able to complete the cleanup process.

  1. If you have not closed Intralinks Designer and any other Intralinks applications that you are using, do so now.
  2. From the Windows Start menu, choose All Programs > Intralinks > Intralinks Designer > Cleanup Utility. A message appears requesting that you close all Intralinks applications.
  3. After you have closed all Intralinks applications and Microsoft Outlook, click Continue. A second message appears describing the information that will be removed from your computer.
  4. Click Continue. The Cleanup Utility halts all processes associated with Intralinks Designer and removes locally stored data. When cleanup is complete, a message appears.
  5. Click Close to exit the Or click Open Intralinks Designer if you wish to exit the utility and restart Intralinks Designer.

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