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Product: Intralinks Designer
Applies to: Managers and publishers

This tab on the View/Update Exchange Settings screen displays the name of your exchange, its current phase (hold, preparation or open) and other details that may be important if you need to contact Intralinks customer support.

Using this tab, you can change the name of your exchange and the host (the organization sponsoring the exchange), update the exchange's description and change the phase of the exchange. Other information, such as the exchange number, contract number, organization, business group and template, cannot be changed.

If this exchange is used for Debt Capital Markets and a CUSIP or ISIN number is associated with it, enter that number in the CUSIP field. This field is used to associate the CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures) or ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) number for a loan or security with the exchange that is used to track the loan or security. These numbers will appear next to the exchanges they are associated with in the exchange list on the Hub. They can be used to search for exchanges, as well.

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