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Product: Intralinks Designer
Applies to: Managers and publishers

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to speed your tasks in Intralinks Designer.

Add to Queue: CTRL+Q

Copy: CTRL+C

Delete: DELETE

Exit Intralinks Designer: ALT+F4

Freeze Exchange Items: CTRL+SHIFT+F

Intralinks Designer Help: F1

Intralinks Designer Options: CTRL+O

New Folder: CTRL+N

New Group: CTRL+G

New Placeholder: CTRL+SHIFT+H

New User: CTRL+P

Paste: CTRL+V

Redo: CTRL+Y

Refresh Exchange List: CTRL+R

Rename: F2 Save: CTRL+S

Show Items To Be Deleted: CTRL+SHIFT+D

Table of Contents: CTRL+T

Undo: CTRL+Z

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