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Product: Intralinks Designer
Applies to: Managers and publishers

Using Intralinks Designer, you can view and update the exchange settings that determine whether certain functions, such as Q&A and effective dates, are available in your exchange, and how some functions, such as watermarking, work. You can view and change settings both for exchanges that are newly created in Intralinks Designer and existing exchanges created using the Intralinks primary service. (Some settings can be changed only by an Intralinks employee. If you are unable to change a setting, contact Intralinks customer support for assistance.)

Exchange footers and splash screens also can be changed using Intralinks Designer. Splash screens can be used to welcome new users to the exchange and to reinforce your corporate brand. Splash screens often include non-disclosure agreements or similar legal statements that are meant to discourage exchange users from improperly sharing information.

If your exchange requires reviewers and previewers to make a public or private declaration, you can enter separate text for public and private exchange users. (The same images and URLs are displayed for both public and private users.)

Unlike a splash screen, the footer always appears at the bottom of your exchange, regardless of the screen that is displayed. Footers typically are used to provide branding and links to information elsewhere on the Internet that is relevant to your exchange users. Bear in mind that all users, regardless of their exchange role, can see the footer, so avoid including links that are inappropriate for some groups within the exchange. In addition, the footer provides contact information for Intralinks customer support; this information cannot be removed or changed.

I want to

  • See how my exchange is configured
  • Update exchange settings


  1. Display the exchange you wish to update.
  2. Locate the exchange in the folder list on the left side of the staging area. Right-click on the exchange.
  3. Select View/Update Settings. The View/Update Exchange Settings screen appears, displaying general information about the exchange.

    (If you have made changes to the exchange and have not uploaded them yet, a message will appear asking you to upload or discard the changes before making changes to exchange settings.)

  4. Click the tabs that appear on the screen to view general settings, along with settings for documents and users and groups, advanced settings, splash and footer. Make any changes that are needed.
  5. When you have finished viewing and updating the settings, click Save. Your changes are applied to the exchange automatically. They do not need to be queued and uploaded as other changes do.

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