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Product: Intralinks Designer
Applies to: Managers and publishers

The Intralinks Connection icon il_status.png appears in the Windows taskbar notification area (the System Tray) in the lower right corner of your computer screen when you start Intralinks Designer. If you exit Intralinks Designer but remain logged into the application, you can quickly restart the application using this icon. The icon provides easy access to other options, as well.

Right-click the icon to display the following options when you are logged into Intralinks Designer. If you are not logged in, fewer options are displayed.

  • Open Intralinks Designer: Displays the Intralinks Designer main window.
  • View Exchange Update Queue: Displays the Exchange Updater window, showing you the progress of any updates that are underway.
  • Open Download Wizard: Displays Intralinks Download This tool enables you to download the contents of one or more exchanges.
  • Open Reports Folder: Displays the folder containing update and error reports, as well as any reports that you have created using the Upload Comparison Tool.
  • Intralinks Designer Options: Displays a window that can be used to customize Intralinks Designer’s behavior to meet your needs.
  • Send Error Log: Opens email message addressed to Intralinks support with Intralinks Designer error log attached.
  • Log Out: Ends your current Intralinks Designer session, but maintains a connection to Intralinks so that you can quickly log in again.
  • Exit Intralinks Designer: Ends your current Intralinks Designer session and closes the connection.

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