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Product: Intralinks Designer
Applies to: Managers and publishers

If you started Intralinks Designer from within Intralinks, both applications will close when you exit either application.

I want to

  • Log out of Intralinks Designer


  1. Click the red and white close box close box icon.png icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. One or more messages may appear:
    • A message appears asking whether you want to log out of Intralinks Designer. If you select No, you can restart Intralinks Designer quickly by right-clicking the Intralinks icon in the Windows taskbar notification area (System Tray) and selecting Open Intralinks Designer from the menu that appears. If you select Yes, you will have to log in again when you restart Intralinks Designer. You may wish to log out if other people have access to your computer.

      If changes are being uploaded when you log out of Intralinks Designer, the upload will be halted but will resume the next time you log into Intralinks Designer. (If you exit Intralinks Designer but do not log out, the Exchange Updater window remains open and the upload process continues until it is completed.)

    • If you have made changes in Intralinks Designer that have not been updated or saved, a message appears asking whether you want to save your changes. Click Yes to save your changes, or No if you want to leave the exchange as it was before you began making changes in Intralinks Designer.

      If you save changes but did not updated your exchange, a message will appear the next time you select this exchange using Intralinks Designer, asking whether you want to view the saved changes or a copy of the current version of the exchange on the Intralinks primary service.

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