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Product: Intralinks Designer
Applies to: Managers and publishers

If your computer is not connected to the Internet or the Intralinks primary service is not available, the list of exchanges that you can access includes only those exchanges that you have worked on previously and saved but have not yet updated.

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  • Open an exchange in Intralinks Designer


Opening an exchange

  1. Log into Intralinks Designer.
  2. A list of the exchanges you are allowed to modify is displayed. (If you are a member of a business group who is allowed to view templates, the list includes templates, as well.)
  3. Double-click the name of the exchange you want to work with or select the exchange from the Exchange drop-down list.
  4. Depending upon the settings for this exchange, you may be required to view and accept an exchange agreement before continuing. If a splash screen containing an exchange agreement appears, read the agreement, then click Accept or Continue.

A snapshot of your exchange appears in Intralinks Designer’s staging area. You can begin adding and organizing the content that will appear on the exchange.

If you are working with a new exchange for which no content has been added, you will see an icon for the exchange in the staging area, but the rest of the staging area will be empty.

Displaying the same exchange each time you start Intralinks Designer

If you usually work with a particular exchange, you can set Intralinks Designer to display that exchange automatically when you start the application.

  1. From the Settings menu, select Intralinks Designer Options. The Intralinks Designer Options screen appears.
  2. On the General tab, mark the Show a specific exchange on start of Intralinks Designer option, then select the exchange you want from the list that appears below the option.
  3. Click OK.

Viewing a list of templates or working sets

If you are a member of a business group and your membership level allows you to view templates, you can view a list of the templates that you can use to create new exchanges. The following business members can view templates: coordinator; member 50, member 40, member 20 and member 10.

If you have created working sets — collections of exchanges that you can use for performing tasks and printing reports — you can view them, as well.

  1. If the exchange list is not displayed, select All Items from the Exchange list near the top of the screen. A list of all your exchanges, templates and working sets is displayed.
  2. From the Show menu, select either Templates or Working Sets. The items that you selected are displayed.
  3. To view exchanges again, select Exchanges or All Items from the Show menu.

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