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Product: Intralinks Designer
Applies to: Managers and publishers

Intralinks Designer provides an easy way to organize and manage the content and users of your exchanges. This Windows-based application acts as a staging area for creating and setting up new Intralinks exchanges and modifying existing exchanges.

Using Intralinks Designer, you can:

  • Create new exchanges
  • Make changes to exchange settings
  • Add new content from your local drives
  • View and update existing exchange content
  • Reorder exchange content items
  • Delete content from the Intralinks exchange
  • Set users’ permissions to use documents
  • Add, remove and synchronize user information with other databases
  • Configure and manage custom fields for documents, as well as apply these fields to new and existing documents

When you have finished staging the exchange and updating user information, you can upload the new or modified information to the Intralinks primary service.

Using Intralinks Designer, you can index and freeze exchanges. You can use the indexing feature to clearly order your content and as a way to easily reference to specific content. For example, you can distinguish among exact copies of the same document in multiple locations on your exchange by its unique index number. Freezing an exchange in Intralinks Designer enables you to retain the order of existing exchange content.

Intralinks Designer is designed to be used with both Intralinks VDRPro exchanges. It can be used by exchange managers (those with the Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus and Manager roles) and those with the Publisher Plus role.

Intralinks Designer terms

  • Intralinks primary service - The Web-based Intralinks exchanges that users will log into, and not the exchanges viewed in Intralinks Designer. Think of the Intralinks primary service as the original versions of your exchanges; the versions you view in Intralinks Designer are copies that you are free to change. When you upload these changes, your original exchanges are updated.
  • Content item - This term or either word used alone, refers to the folders and documents that appear on your exchanges.

Additional resources

A comprehensive Help system is built into Intralinks Designer. You can display it by selecting Intralinks Designer Help from the Help menu or by pressing the F1 key.

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