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The Contract tab provides details about exchange usage that is reflected in the bills your organization receives from Intralinks. You can see your organization’s commercial terms with Intralinks, daily data usage (number of pages and/or gigabytes of data used, number of users), any overage amounts that affect your billing if your organization’s contract with Intralinks includes overages, the largest folders and files on your exchange, and invoice numbers for your Intralinks bills.

Only users with the Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus and Manager Ltd roles can view the Contract tab.

Note: If you have questions about billing, send them to Intralinks using the email address on your invoice.

Information on the tab is updated once every 24 hours. The tab shows information for the past 30 days. However, you can select a shorter or longer timeframe.

Depending upon your organization’s contract terms with Intralinks, some information in this article may not apply to you.

The dashboard is divided into three sections: the Contract Information section, the Overview graph, and the Daily Usage Breakdown table. 

Accessing the Contract tab

    1. From within the exchange, select the Insights & Reporting tab at the top of the screen.
    2. Click the Contract tab.

For non Deal Prep exchanges, you can use filters to display information for shorter or longer timeframes. The following filters appear on the upper right side of the screen:

  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 3 Months
  • All

The range of dates included in each timeframe option is displayed in the selection list. If data is not available for a particular timeframe option, that option is dimmed. Deal Prep exchanges show data for the interval between the exchange creation date until the last day data was updated.

Keep in mind that the data on the dashboard is updated once every 24 hours, and the filtered information is accurate as of the last update. Activity that occurs after the most recent dashboard update is included the next time the dashboard is updated.

The Contract Information section

The Contract Information section provides an at-a-glance view of your Intralinks contract and actual usage. If your contract covers more than one exchange, the information displayed is for all exchanges included in the contract. The Contract Information section is not available for Deal Prep exchanges.

The Total Uploads is the current level of daily usage. The day starts at 12 AM (midnights) and ends at 11:59 PM (EST).

The Billing Metric is specified on the contract. The metric may be the number of pages uploaded to the exchange(s); the size of the files uploaded, in megabytes or gigabytes; or the number of users who have access to the exchange.

The Included Quantity is the number of pages or people, or the total file size you can add to the exchange without incurring additional overage charges. Current Usage show the actual usage since the exchange was launched. Not Used shows any remaining quantity available, if any, before overage charges may be applied; if an overage occurs, the title changes to Overage, and the overage amount is displayed.

The Contract Period is the time range covered by the contract.

The Overview graph

The Overview graph is a visual representation of your organization’s usage over the past 30 days. The graph shows actual usage, the included quantity, and any overages.

The Daily Usage Breakdown

The Daily Usage Breakdown provides a detailed day-to-day view of the information in the Overview graph. The information is displayed in a table format. The Daily Usage Breakdown section is not available for Deal Prep exchanges. Click the down arrow to expand the chart.

The Total Uploads is the usage, determined by the total volume of uploads for the day.

The Included quantity is the defined by your contract. Overages are calculated once usage exceeds this quantity.

The Daily Increase is the difference between the current day's and the previous day's usage.

The Monthly Overage is the sum of all daily overages in a billing cycle.

Contract tab in Deal Prep exchanges

The Contract tab is available in Deal Prep exchanges. Because a contract has not been signed, data for all billing metrics is shown, which can help you estimate usage when the exchange is in the Open phase.

Only the Overview graph is shown. The Contract Information section and the Daily Usage Breakdown table are not available. In addition, the Contract tab for Deal Prep exchanges only shows the period from the exchange creation date. You cannot change the time interval.

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