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Product: Intralinks Filesplit
Applies to: Managers and publishers 

Follow these steps if you previously created a posting and uploaded documents, and you now wish to undo your actions. When you roll back a posting, the documents that were uploaded are removed from the exchange. Folders and exchange groups that were created as a part of this posting also are removed. (If they were used in a previous posting, however, they are not removed.)

Use this function with care. If you roll back a posting inadvertently and accept the changes, the action cannot be undone; you will have to create a new posting to recreate the documents, folders and groups.

I want to

  • Undo a previous posting and remove all traces of it from my exchange


The Intralinks Filesplit window should be displayed.

  1. In the list at the top of the window, highlight the posting that you want to roll back. Note that you can roll back postings only if they have been posted already; the Status column for these postings displays the status Executed.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Roll back posting.
  3. A message appears asking you to confirm your Click Roll Back to continue rolling back the posting.

    The documents, folders and exchange groups that were created on your exchange are removed.

    A progress indicator appears showing the progress of the rollback. When the rollback is complete, a message appears to alert you. Click the View Logs button in the message to view detailed information about the changes made, including any errors that may have occurred.

    Note: If the exchange was frozen (set to prevent any changes from being made to it), a message will appear asking whether you wish to unfreeze it to allow the posting to be rolled back. When the rollback is complete, the exchange will be frozen again to prevent further changes.

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