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Product: Intralinks Filesplit
Applies to: Managers and publishers 

Follow these steps if you previously created a posting and uploaded documents, and you now wish to apply permissions to the documents, making them available to your investors.

Note: If you have chosen to send email alerts to your investors for this posting, the alerts will be sent immediately when you activate delayed permissions, even if you chose to delay the alerts.

I want to

  • Make previously posted documents available to investors


The Intralinks Filesplit screen should be displayed.

  1. In the list at the top of the window, highlight the posting for which you want to activate permissions. Note that permissions can be activated only for postings for which the status Permissions Pending appears in the Status column.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Activate permissions. A warning message appears to inform you that email alerts will be sent immediately after permissions are activated.
  3. Click Continue. Permissions are activated and alerts are sent to investors.

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