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Product: Intralinks Filesplit
Applies to: Managers and publishers 

Follow the steps below to create a posting by copying one that you or another team member created previously. Doing this can save you time if the postings are similar.

I want to

  • Copy an existing posting and use it for a new posting


The Intralinks Filesplit window should be displayed.

  1. In the list that appears on the top half of the screen, locate the posting you want to edit and click it to highlight it.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Save as new. A new posting appears on the top half of the screen with the name of the original posting, preceded by Copy of.
  3. To rename the new posting, highlight it, then select Rename from the Actions menu. The posting name becomes editable, and you can enter a new name.
  4. To edit the new posting, select Edit from the Actions menu. Using the Back and Next buttons, display the various screens in the wizard and make whatever changes you like.
  5. When you have finished making changes, click Save as draft. If you want to create a posting and upload documents, click Start posting.

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