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Some of the exchanges that you use may contain material non-public information, requiring reviewers and previewers to make a public or private declaration before they can use these exchanges. Users with other exchange roles are marked private automatically.

If users are required to make a declaration, a dialog box is displayed the first time they open the exchange. In addition, they may receive one or more email reminders if they have not yet made a declaration.

Your designation determines what information is available to you:

  • Public users cannot view material non-public information. They can only view information that is suitable for public This may include information that is available to the public and information that is not publicly available but is not considered material. (That is, it is unlikely to provide a trading advantage to those who hold it.)
  • Private users can view both material non-public information and information that is suitable for public consumption.

In some cases, your organization’s compliance officer may make a declaration for you, or may block access to an exchange altogether. Public/private declarations are designed to protect both you and your organization and ensure compliance with regulatory bodies’ rules.

Changing a public/private declaration (reviewers and previewers)

Depending upon how the exchange is set up, reviewers and previewers may be able to change their public/private declaration.

  1. Display the exchange for which you want to change your Your current declaration appears near the top of the screen near the exchange phase.
  2. Hover over the declaration and click the link that appears.
  3. Select your content declaration and click Submit.

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