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Product: Intralinks Filesplit
Applies to: Managers and publishers 

Important! We recommend that you use this option only if you used earlier versions of Filesplit to create PDFs that contain delimiter strings. If you are new to Filesplit, use one of the other options for creating postings.

You can print a report that contains the information you will need to create delimiters.

I want to

  • Continue using PDFs with delimiter strings to creating posting


Export delimiter information

  1. From the Report menu, select Report management. The Reports dialog box appears.
  2. If the Access to DB Codes tab is not selected, select
  3. From the Current Codes list, select one of the following items to export a list of the IDs associated with them. For example, select Exchange to see a list of object names and IDs for all the exchanges to which you have access.
    • Exchange
    • Folders
    • Groups
    • Permission
    • Protection
    • Alert Option
    • Folders & Groups
  4. Click Export. A Save As dialog box
  5. Name the report and select a location for Also select the format in which the report should appear: Microsoft Excel, CSV (comma-separated values) or TSV (tab-separated values).
  6. Click Save. The report is created in the location you

Note: When you insert delimiter codes into your source document, use the Arial font with a size of 3 points or larger. Delimiter codes must appear on a single line within your document. For more information about how delimiter strings should be constructed, see Delimiter specifications.

Create a posting using a PDF that contains delimiter strings

The Intralinks Filesplit window should be displayed.

  1. From the Actions menu, select Create new Posting. The New posting dialog box appears.
  2. Name the posting. Be sure that the name clearly describes the group receiving the posting; if you do not complete the posting at this time, the name will help you to identify the correct posting when you are ready to resume posting.
  3. Mark the third option, Use existing PDF files with delimiter strings.
  4. Click Create. The New Posting Wizard appears, and step 1. Load files is displayed.
  5. Select the PDF file that contains information for this posting, then click Next. Step 2. Review results appears.

    Note: You can save your entries a draft version of the posting at any time by clicking the Save as draft button. The posting will appear in the list of postings on the Intralinks Filesplit screen, and you can double-click it to reopen it and resume making changes.

  6. Review the entries on the screen. Entries that appear with a red background have errors that must be corrected before you create your posting.

    To correct an entry, double-click it. The Edit posting Item screen appears. An error icon (Filesplit red x.png) appears next to any items that must be corrected. Make your corrections, then click Save to redisplay the wizard. Correct all entries that appear in red.

    If you wish to remove an entry, highlight it and click Delete.

  7. When you have finished reviewing the entries and making corrections, click Next. Step 3. Confirm results appears, displaying a copy of the first posting document that was created.
  8. Review each document. You can display additional documents by clicking the buttons that appear on the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, you can click the Save documents button to save a copy of these documents and review them using Adobe Acrobat or another application.

    If changes are needed, click the Back button and make corrections as you did in step 6 above.

  9. When you are satisfied that all documents are ready for posting, click the Start posting button.

    The documents are uploaded to the specified locations on the selected exchange and investors are given permission to view the documents that are meant for them. If folders do not exist already in the locations you have specified, they may be created automatically, depending upon the settings you selected.

    A progress indicator appears showing the progress of the upload. When the upload is complete, a message appears to alert you. Click the View Logs button in the message to view detailed information about the posting, including any errors that may have occurred.

    Note: If the exchange was frozen (set to prevent any changes from being made to it), a message will appear asking whether you wish to unfreeze it to allow the posting to be completed. When posting is complete, the exchange will be frozen again to prevent further changes.

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