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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Owners

This articles describes the types, capabilities and limitations of user roles in Intralinks VIA® Pro workspaces. All users (with the exception of Organization Administrators) exist within a business group, or in a collection of users and workspaces for that organization.

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Business Group Coordinator

Business Group Coordinators can perform the following tasks:
  • Manage users within the organization’s business group
  • Update business group policies
  • Manage which users can create workspaces (provisioned users) and which cannot (invited users).

Note: Provisioned users become default owners of a workspace they create.

Note: Business groups typically have at least one Business Group Coordinator that can address the above for users in their organization.

Organization Administrator

Organization Administrators can transfer workspaces from one owner to another.

Note: Organization Administrators are useful for large organizations that may need to centralize the management of workspaces and prevent orphaned workspaces. These users cannot view, access or edit content within workspaces.


Owners can perform the following tasks:

  • Perform all functions that editors and viewers can perform
  • Manage files, folders and participants
  • Delete workspaces for which they are provisioned
  • Enable IRM protection and watermarking
  • Change alert settings for a workspace
  • Expire workspaces, prevent access by editors and viewers, and prevent changes by any user (ex. adding/removing users and documents), including the owner.

Note: Users who create workspaces are owners of that workspace by default. They may assign other owners to workspaces if needed.


Editors can perform the following tasks:

  • Read, download, upload and comment on files
  • Rename files and folders
  • Delete files they uploaded (but not files uploaded by other users)


Viewers can perform the following tasks:

  • Read, download and comment on files Viewers cannot perform the following tasks:
  • Cannot edit or add files
  • Cannot manage or adjust roles or make other viewers hidden viewers

Hidden Viewer

Hidden Viewers can read and download files, and are invisible to all users except to the owners that are provisioned to that workspace.

Note: Owners can assign hidden viewers by selecting Make invisible to other people for that user.

Compliance Officer

Compliance Officers can perform the following tasks:

  • Generate and view reports to monitor the flow of information within and from their organization, as well as individual and aggregate usage information
  • View information about business group members and policies
  • Cannot make changes to any areas unless they also have administrator privileges

Note: Where appropriate, compliance officer and organization administrator roles may be performed by the same person in the organization.


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