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Product: VIA Pro for Outlook
Applies to: Provisioned VIA Account Holders

As a provisioned VIA account holder, you can create new Workspaces right from their Outlook application.

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  • Create a new Workspace using VIA for Outlook


  1. Open a new Outlook email.
  2. Click the Upload & Share button on the right side of the ribbon bar. The VIA options will appear above the email fields.
  3. In the Workspace Folder section, click the Browse button.
  4. In the Select Location in Intralinks VIA window that opens, click the + Workspace button.
  5. In the Create a New Workspace window, enter:
    • Workspace name - Workspace names cannot contain the following characters: &/\:*"<>?| If a Workspace name contains an ampersand (&), you will not be able to download the files in this Workspace or view them in the online viewer.
    • Description (optional)
    • Expiration date (optional, unless your VIA business group policy requires it)
  6. Click Create.
  7. The new Workspace will appear in VIA Web.  
  8. If you only needed to create the Workspace, click Cancel to close the Select Location in Intralinks VIA window. You can close the email as well.
  9. If you want to share files, refer to Sharing Workspace files using VIA Pro for Outlook.

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