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Product: Intralinks Filesplit
Applies to: Managers and publishers 

You can use Filesplit in either individual mode or shared mode. If you work in individual mode, the postings and settings that you have saved are stored on your computer and cannot be accessed by anyone else. If you choose to work in shared mode, however, you can share postings and settings with coworkers who also are using Filesplit.

I want to

  • Collaborate with others to create postings


  1. Log into Intralinks Designer. (Do not open Filesplit, however.)
  2. From the Tools menu in the Intralinks Designer window, select Customize > Intralinks Designer Options. The Intralinks Designer Options window appears.
  3. The General tab should be displayed. If it is not, select it.
  4. In the Operate Filesplit in field, select Shared Mode.
  5. The Filesplit Shared Mode Path field is displayed. Click the Filesplit ... menu.png button to display the Browse for Folder dialog box.
  6. Select the location where postings and settings will be stored. This should be a network or shared drive that can be accessed by all your team members using Filesplit. When you have made your selection, click OK to close the dialog box.

    Important! Each team member using Filesplit must select the same location in order to share postings and settings. Do not select a subfolder within an existing shared folder path. The total length of the path (as displayed in the Windows Explorer address bar) must be 100 characters or less.

  7. In the Intralinks Designer Options window, click OK.

As you and your team members create and save postings and settings, these items will be visible to all the members of the team. Note that if you switch back to individual mode, none of the postings and settings that you and others created in shared mode will be available to you. Likewise, postings and settings created in individual mode are not available to you if you switch to shared mode.

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