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Product: Intralinks VIA Pro for Desktop
Applies to: Owners and Editors

You can use VIA Pro for Desktop to delete Workspace files that are no longer needed. 

I want to 

  • Initiate a file deletion through VIA for Desktop
  • Delete a file in my local Intralinks VIA folder and have it sync to my Workspace on the web

About this task

  • Workspace owners can delete any files on their Workspaces.
  • Workspace editors can only delete files they have added.
  • Any files deleted from a Workspace will remain in the trash bin in VIA Web for 30 days (during which time, you can restore them to the Workspace). After 30 days, the files are purged and are unrecoverable.


  1. Open a Workspace folder in your local Intralinks VIA folder.
  2. Select and delete the appropriate file.
  3. The file is immediately deleted in VIA Desktop, and the sync process will initiate. The VIA system tray icon (Windows) / status menu icon (macOS) will display a green check mark when the sync process is complete and the file deleted on VIA Web.
    Note: If you're an editor and try deleting a file you didn't add to the Workspace, VIA Desktop will display a Permission Denied message (and the file will reappear in your folder).

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