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Product: Intralinks Filesplit
Applies to: Managers and publishers 

Intralinks Filesplit provides a fast, easy way to distribute statements to investors. Using Filesplit, you can create investor-specific, mail-merged documents and post them to your Intralinks exchanges.

Filesplit’s wizards manage all the steps required to create and upload investor statements. Filesplit integrates into existing data merge processes; if you have created a custom workflow for creating your statements, Filesplit allows you to split and distribute the resulting PDF document.

You can generate investor statements directly from Filesplit using a Microsoft Word mail-merge template and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing information about your investors. You no longer are required to create a PDF document containing these statements manually.

Using Filesplit, you can create postings in the following ways:

  • Using a Microsoft Word mail-merge template and an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains the investor information that will be merged into the template.
  • Using a contextual-search-enabled PDF (generated outside Filesplit) that contains investor statements, along with a second file that contains unique identifiers for each statement in the PDF.
  • Using a PDF (generated outside Filesplit) that contains investor statements that are separated by special delimiters that identify the investor, the exchange location for each statement and other details required for publishing and permissioning the statements.

    If you have been using the previous Filesplit process offered by Intralinks and wish to continue creating your PDF using that process, use this option to split your PDF and post the individual investor documents. This option is recommended only if you are using the earlier Filesplit tools offered previously by Intralinks.

  • You can use Filesplit as a distribution tool for existing files. That is, the files will not be split but will simply be uploaded to the locations and permissioned to the individuals that you specify.

Filesplit allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Create a new posting of documents. You also can save a new posting as a draft, edit a posting that you previously created, rename the posting, save it as another posting, and delete it. Draft postings can be saved as new postings, making it easy to create postings from very similar ones that exist already.
  • If you are working in shared mode, you can use the postings and settings created by your teammates. You can perform the same tasks on shared postings that you perform on postings that you have created yourself.
  • Preview documents prior to creation and upload.
  • Roll back (undo) a posting; when you roll back a posting, the statements that were published are removed from the exchange, along with any folders and exchange groups that were created.
  • Delay permissioning documents and posting alerts until you are certain that the posting is correct. You can choose to override users’ individual preferences to receive alerts once a day and have these alerts delivered immediately if you like.
  • Manage posting settings.
  • Edit or delete individual statements within a posting.
  • Re-run a posting with updated documents of the same name, allowing you to replace the already-posted documents with a newer version. You have the option to send new alerts if you like. Links to the documents in the original alerts will continue to work as expected.
  • View and print reports. If you create PDFs outside of Filesplit, you can print reports containing exchange IDs, folder and group IDs and other information needed to create delimiters.

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