Status of data sync when connection is lost | VIA Pro for Desktop

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Product: Intralinks VIA Pro for Desktop
Applies to: Owners and Editors


What happens to data I'm currently syncing through VIA Desktop if I lose my network connection?


If you have a disruption in your connectivity while syncing, the sync process will stop (since you won't be connected to the Intralinks server). If you click on the VIA Desktop system icon, you'll see that the sync options are disabled. However, rest assured that your data will not be lost.  

Once your network connectivity is restored, VIA Desktop will automatically reauthenticate you and renew the syncing process where it left off. All VIA Desktop menu options will again appear active.  

If you start VIA Desktop during your network disruption, a system tray message will inform you of the issue with your Internet connection. You can continue to work with your locally-synced Workspaces / content. Any changes you make will sync to VIA Web once the connectivity is restored.

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