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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Owners, Editors and Viewers


Can I send a link from a Workspace to another user?


Absolutely, as long as the recipient has access to the item in the Workspace.

Sending a link can be useful for guiding users to a particular Workspace item for collaboration. 

Links are available on the Workspace, folder, and file levels.

Note: A folder / file link will work even if the item is moved within the Workspace. Additionally, file links will always link to the current version of the file.

To forward a link

  1. Click the Workspace to open it.
  2. Locate the appropriate link:
    • Workspace: Click the Details HC_viaDetails_02.PNG icon to the right of the Workspace name to open the Workspace Information window.
    • Folder / file: Place the mouse cursor over the item's tile in the Workspace. Click the Link HC_viaLink_01.PNG icon to open the Copy Link window.
  3. Copy the URL that appears in the window. 
  4. Forward the URL as needed to other users in the Workspace. 

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