InvestorVision - December 2022

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Product: Intralinks InvestorVision
Applies to: everyone

Release date

December 2022

Summary of enhancements and new functionality

Global document consent

Consent to receive documents electronically can now be given on a portal level, making giving consent less cumbersome. Previously, document consent was only available at the document and investment level. General partners can choose whether consent expires annually on a particular date, after a specified number of days, or does not expire. This option must be turned on by an Intralinks Support Administrator.

In addition, a new report has been added that shows the status of consent requests. It shows a list of users and whether they have consented to receive documents electronically.

Hedge data reporting enhancements

A new report has been added to show all financial hedge summary data. This report provides general partners with the ability to review data uploaded to the portal as well as P&L values calculated by the application prior to publishing to the limited partner portal. General partners can also create their own hedge data report.

Document request enhancements

General partners can now send a follow-up reminder notification to limited partners for outstanding document requests. The request notification now includes the descriptive message entered by the general partner.

A new tab has been added to the limited partner portal for document requests. Previously, request were only visible on the home page.

Ability to send notifications to multiple investors or groups

When selecting notification recipients, you can now select multiple groups or investors instead of just individual users.

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