VDRPro - October 2022

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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Everyone

Release date

October 2022

Summary of enhancements and new functionality

Ability to exclude terms from AI redaction

You can now add PII (Personal Identifiable Information) terms to AI redaction that you do not want redacted, streamlining the redaction process. Previously, you had to manually unmark redacted PII terms that did not require redaction.

Support for Greek in AI redaction

Documents written in Greek can now be redacted by AI.

Q&A Setup enhancements

Q&A setup has been redesigned to improve the user experience, including an improved layout and better messaging, making it easier to set up and manage Q&A.

Self service SMS reset when your mobile phone number changes

If you are enrolled in SMS, you can now update your mobile phone number and reset your authentication factors without calling Intralinks support.

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