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Product: Intralinks InvestorVision
Applies to: General partners

If you are an administrator, you can create reports that meet your specific business needs. You do this by creating a template, selecting the fields to include, and filtering the data to meet your needs.

I want to

  • Add an administrator report


  1. Click the Plus button in the top, right-hand corner and select Add Report.
  2. In the Report Type field, select the type of report you want to generate.
  3. In the Report Template Name field, enter a descriptive name for the template.
  4. Click Next.

    All of the data that is available to include in the report is listed in the Add Columns pane.

  5. Select the data that you want to include in the report by expanding a column and marking the fields to include.
  6. To view what the report will look like and make sure it includes the data you need, click Preview.
  7. (Optional.) To edit the column names:
    • Click + Edit.
    • Click the Edit
    • Enter the new name for the column.
  8. (Optional.) To filter the data:
    • Click + Filters. Filters can be static of dynamic. At run time, static fields filter on the value entered in the Field Value For dynamic fields, you will be prompted for a value when you run the report.
    • In the Field Name field, select the field to filter on.
    • For static fields, in the Field Value field, enter the value to filter on.
    • In the Type field, select whether the filter is static or dynamic.
    • (Optional.) To add another filter click the plus Select how the filter should be applied, And or Or, enter the value and select the type.
    • (Optional.) To filter on another field, click + Filters and follow the steps above.
  9. Click Save Template.

    The reports will be displayed in the list of reports along with the default reports.

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