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Product: Intralinks InvestorVision
Applies to: General partners

Distribute investor-specific statements, such as tax documents or capitals calls, to investors either using split codes or not using split codes. If you are using split codes, you can either upload one file that contains statements for multiple investors that must be split, or you can upload a ZIP file of documents that have already been split. If you are not using split codes, you can upload a ZIP file that contains all of the documents plus a spreadsheet that maps the documents to the investor and account.

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  • Post investor-specific statements

About this task

When using split codes, InvestorVision associates the file to the appropriate investor based on the split code. For this functionality to work, the master, concatenated file must use the account and investor IDs (split codes) as delimiters between individual investor statements. The split code must be located at the top of the first page of each investor’s document and should be the same color as the background of the page so the split code cannot be viewed by the limited partner. In addition, the account and investor IDs must be configured for each investor. For more information, see Managing investors in InvestorVsion.  

When uploading files that do not use a split code, you must also upload a spreadsheet that contains the name of each file and the investor ID and account ID to which this file is associated. You can download a ZIP file that contains a template that you can complete. You will upload that ZIP file that contains the Excel file and all of the documents. Note the following:

  • Do not rename the xlsx template file that is located in the downloaded zip file. It must be uploaded with the same name.
  • In the PRE_SPLIT_SPREADSHEET.xlsx file, the FileName column should include the full file name with the file extension and it should match the file that is placed into the folder before you zip it.
  • it is recommended that the ZIP file be no larger than 500MB.
  • All columns in the spreadsheet must be completed.

A record of the upload, called a posting, is created when you add documents using Filesplit. You can view the posting status, and publish and unpublish all documents at the posting level, not at the individual document level.


  1. Click the Plus button in the top, right-hand corner.
  2. Select Add Posting.
  3. Select Use Split Codes or No Split Codes.
  4. If you selected No Split codes:
    • Click Download Template.
    • Complete the template by adding file names and their associated investor ID and account ID.
    • Zip all of the documents and the This is the file that you will upload.
  5. Click Select File.
  6. Navigate to the document you want to add and click Open.
  7. In the Posting Name field, enter a name for the The name will help you to identify the posting at a later date.
  8. In the Fund field, select the fund to which this document applies.
  9. In the Document Type field, select the type of document you are adding.
  10. In the Date field, enter the effective date of the document or use the calendar to select a day.
  11. (Optional). In the Document Prefix field, enter a prefix to prepend to the split file name.
  12. (Optional). In the Document Suffix field, enter a suffix to append to the split file name.
  13. Click the calendar to select the effective date.
  14. (Optional.) To require the limited partner to consent to receiving the document electronically, select Require LP consent to view. The limited partner will not be able to view or download the document until consent is given.
  15. (Optional.) To allow limited partners to download the document, check Allow LP to download the document. Limited partners will be able to view the document and download the document, if checked. This ability is only available for documents hosted by Intralinks.
  16. (Optional.) If watermarking is enabled, Add watermark when viewed/ download (PDFs only) is Uncheck this option if you do not want to include a watermark.
  17. Click Split & review.

    The process of splitting the file can take several minutes. You can perform other tasks in the meantime. Return to the upload page by clicking the anchor bar at the bottom of the screen.

    If an error occurs during the filesplit, an error message is displayed showing the number of errors. An error could occur, for example, if the document contains an invalid account ID. Click Download errors to download a file that contains only the errors. Fix the errors and upload the document.

    If you choose not to fix the errors, only the successful posting items will be published. Click Confirm.

  18. When the documents have finished uploading, perform any of the following actions:
    • To verify that the file split happened correctly, you can view the split document by clicking an investor in the left The split document and the users that can access it are displayed in the right panel.
    • To view the users that will receive notifications, click an investor name, then click the arrow in front of the text in the right panel.
    • To preview the email text, click the Preview Notifications
    • To schedule a publication date, in the Schedule Publish Date field, click the calendar icon and select the date and time at which you want to publish the documents.
    • To publish the documents, from the Postings tab, click the vertical dots menu and select either Publish & Send Notifications or Publish Without Notifications.

      If a workflow has been created for publishing posting, and you are not configured to post documents, this option will not be available. The only option will be Upload Without Publishing.

    • For an unpublished posting, you can update its posting name, document type, effective date, doc consent, as well as other information.

Viewing posting status

  1. In the left pane, click Postings.
  2. (Optional.) To view the posting details, click the posting

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