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Product: Intralinks InvestorVision
Applies to: General partners

You can add a single document or multiple documents in bulk.

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  • Add a single document


  1. Click the Plus button in the top, right-hand corner.
  2. Select Add Document.
  3. Click Select File.
  4. Navigate to the document(s) you want to add and click Open.
  5. In the Document Type field, select the type of document you are adding.

    Documents can be filtered by document type, making it easier to find the documents you are interested in.

  6. In the Date field, enter the effective date of the document or use the calendar to select the effective date.
  7. (Optional.) To require limited partners to consent to receiving the document electronically, select Require LP consent to view. The limited partner will not be able to view or download the document until consent is given. This option is only available for documents hosted by Intralinks.
  8. (Optional.) To prevent limited partners from downloading the document, uncheck Allow LP to download the document. Limited partners will be able to view the document, but not download it.
  9. (Optional.) If watermarking is enabled, Add watermark when viewed/ download (PDFs only) is Uncheck this option if you do not want to include a watermark.
  10. To select the investor and fund to which you want to post the document, click Review user access.
  11. Select one of the following options:
    • To give all users access to the document, select Make available to all users.
    • To associate the document with an investor and publish the document to all users associated with the investor, select the investor.
    • To associate the document with an account and publish the document to all users associated with the account, select the account. Accounts are indented under the investment.
    • To associate the document with an individual fund and publish the document to all users associated with a fund, select the fund.
  12. Click Preview notifications.
  13. Click Publish.

    If a workflow has been created for publishing documents, and you are not configured to publish documents, this option will not be available. The only option will be Upload Without Publishing.

  14. (Optional.) To send document notifications, select Send Notifications.
  15. Click Confirm.

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