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Can I prevent my invited users from downloading Workspace files?


You can encrypt your Workspace PDFs and Microsoft Office files with Intralinks IRM Information Rights Management (IRM) provides security for downloaded documents. When IRM is applied, documents are encrypted before downloading, and users must enter their email address and password to view the documents. Exchange managers can revoke access at any time. protection; however, users will still be able to download the files.  

But with IRM protection, rest assured that your information is secure. 

While users can download protected files, they're actually only downloading encrypted copies of the files that link back to the Workspace.

If you remove the users from the Workspace or delete the files, the users will no longer be able to open the copies they downloaded. 

Further, since users are required to authenticate with their Intralinks credentials in order to view protected files, other people (who don't have access to the files in the Workspace) won't be able to open them. 

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