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Product: VIA Pro for Desktop 
Applies to: Owners, Editors and Viewers


All the folders and files in the Intralinks VIA folder on my computer are gone. It looks like they were deleted.


The content was likely deleted automatically according to the synchronization settings applied on the VIA business group's policy.

Each organization's VIA business group has one or more administrators who are responsible for monitoring the activity of the Workspaces and managing the settings that apply to all of them.

The administrators can apply a particular synchronization setting that will delete all local content in your Intralinks VIA folder if you don't log into the application for a specified number of days.


If the content exists on the actual Workspace in VIA Web (https://via.intralinks.com), you can simply resync it through VIA Desktop to your local Intralinks VIA folder.

  1. Start the VIA Desktop application on your computer.
  2. If you're not prompted with the Choose Workspaces to Sync screen after logging in, just right-click on the VIA Desktop application HC_viaDesktop_01.PNG icon and click Select Workspaces on the menu. 
  3. Check the box for the appropriate Workspace and click Save.
  4. The Workspace's content will sync to your computer.

Important: If you have been adding content to your local Intralinks VIA folder without logging into the application and syncing the content with VIA Web, that content is now gone and is unrecoverable. To clarify - if the content wasn't synced, it existed only in your local folder. If it's deleted from that folder (according to the policy setting), the content no longer exists anywhere.

Next steps

If you have further questions on the policy setting:

  • Invited Workspace participant (editor or viewer): Please contact the Workspace owner.
  • Workspace owner: You can contact your organization's VIA administrator to discuss the policy setting. If you don't know your administrator, get in touch with us. Our Support team will be happy to help with identifying the appropriate contact for you.

    Click Submit a Ticket to open a request with our Support team. Or to speak directly with an agent, find our Support line in your region.

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