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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Owners and Editors


I'm trying to upload files to my VIA Workspace, but I keep getting the following error (or a similar message):

Upload blocked by company data security policy. 


This message isn't part of Intralinks but rather is displayed by your organization's internal security settings. 


Please contact your internal IT team to discuss your security policy. 

If they'll permit you to upload files to Intralinks, they may need to add the Intralinks server URLs to your organization's allowlist.

You can share the information in the following article with your IT team:

Note: In one documented instance of this issue, a user switched to a different web browser and was able to upload files. It seems that internal security restrictions were applied to the default browser but not the other browser.
You can also try this possible workaround; however, your company may have a different security setup.

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