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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Editors and Viewers


I'm trying to download IRM-protected Microsoft Office files from a VIA Workspace, but nothing happens. I click the Download icon and the loading wheel spins for a moment, but the documents don't download.


The Workspace might not have an owner user. For technical reasons, at least one user with the owner role must exist on the Workspace or the IRM-protected Office files won't download.


  • This behavior does not affect protected PDF files - they should download as expected.
  • This issue only affects Microsoft Office downloads. Depending on the Workspace settings, you may be able to open the files directly in our browser-based secure viewer window. Simply click the document name, and the viewer will open in a separate browser window or tab.
    If this doesn't happen (i.e., clicking the file name and clicking the Download icon produce the same result), then the secure viewer isn't enabled on the Workspace.


Check the Shared With box on the right side of the Workspace for a user with the owner role (the role is displayed under each user's name).

  • If no owners are listed, that's the cause of the download issue.
    • If this is the case, get in touch with us. An Intralinks Support agent can contact the host organization for the Workspace to see if we can designate someone as a Workspace owner.
  • If you do see an owner, then something else is affecting the download.  
    • If this is the case, please provide the Intralinks URLs for connectivity to your internal IT team to ensure that you're able to fully connect to our systems.
    • If the issue continues, let us know. Our Support team will be happy to help.

Click Submit a Ticket to open a request with our Support team. Or to speak directly with an agent, find our Support line in your region.

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