Getting help from a Workspace owner | VIA Pro for the Web

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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Editors and Viewers

The Intralinks Support team can help you with many types of questions and issues, but in some cases you'll need help from a Workspace owner.

For example, if you cannot find a file, the Workspace owner may need to share a particular folder with you. 

I want to

  • Get access to a file
  • Ask a Workspace-related question
  • Discuss the role I was assigned


  1. Open the Workspace.
  2. Refer to the Shared With box on the right.
  3. Look for anyone listed as an owner (the role is displayed below each person's name).
  4. To contact the owner:
    • Hover your mouse cursor over the mail icon to see the user's email address.
    • Click the mail icon to open a new email in your default email application.
    • Right-click on the mail icon and select Copy email address on the pop-up menu (to save or use the address in another email application).

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