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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Owners, Editors and Viewers

This article outlines two scenarios where you may encounter the following error: You no longer have access to this folder.

Additionally, in scenario 2 you might also see a file error: You no longer have access to the file you are trying to view.

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Scenario 1 - Error occurs when you click a Workspace tile in VIA

In this scenario, you see a Workspace on your VIA account screen, but the error message appears when you click the Workspace tile to open it. You cannot access the Workspace at all.


I'm trying to access a Workspace listed on my VIA screen, but I keep getting the following error:

You no longer have access to this folder.

Note: If you're an invited Workspace participant, please skip to the Next steps section to contact Intralinks Support. The Cause and Solution below are mainly for the Workspace owner's reference. To fix the Workspace access, our Support team will need to contact the Workspace owner.


It's possible that you (or another Workspace owner) mistakenly deleted a required element on the back end. 

Intralinks VIA Web is accessed directly through https://via.intralinks.com. However, you're also able to access the VDRPro product (https://services.intralinks.com) with your same credentials.

As a Workspace owner, you can actually access the back end of the Workspace through the IL5 interface in VDRPro (although we HIGHLY recommend that you don't). If you make any back-end changes on the Workspace, they could result in issues with the Workspace in the VIA interface.

If you delete the Team Space Folder from the back end, you (and your invited participants) will lose access to the Workspace in VIA and instead will only see the error message above.

Once this occurs, the Workspace cannot be restored.
Note: Manually recreating the Team Space Folder does not resolve the issue.


If the Workspace is still required, you'll need to recreate it in VIA and add the content again. 

You'll also need to contact Intralinks Support to manually delete the previous Workspace so that it no longer appears in VIA.

Next steps

Click Submit a Ticket to open a request. Or to speak directly with an agent, find our Support line in your region.

Scenario 2 - Error occurs when you use a new folder or file email alert link

In this scenario, you click a folder or file link in a VIA email alert you received, and the error appears after you log in to your account.

You can still access the Workspace itself but you don't see the content referenced in the email alert.


I received an email about a folder that was shared with me or a file that was uploaded to a VIA Workspace. But when I click the folder or document link in the email and log in, I only see the following error:

  • You no longer have access to the file you are trying to view.
  • You no longer have access to this folder.
  • And after either of these messages appears, a blank screen may open with via.intralinks.com/iam/error/403 in the address bar.


After sharing the content with you (and you received the email alert), the Workspace owner may have removed your access to the content or deleted the content itself. 

Since your access or the content no longer exists, the email link is now invalid.


Please contact the Workspace owner to discuss your access to the content. 

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