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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Owners


I'm trying to invite a user to my Workspace but keep getting this message:

The following people could not be invited because their accounts may be deregistered.


This message indicates that Intralinks has deregistered the user's account in our system.

Deregistered users lose all access to Intralinks and cannot be added to any new Workspaces.

Generally, an account is deregistered for the following reasons:

  • Direct request from the user
  • Request from the user's organization for compliance purposes or when the user leaves the company


If the user still requires access to Intralinks, the user must contact Intralinks Support directly to reregister the account. Depending on the reason for the deregistration, we can either reregister the account at the user's request, or we may need to contact the user's organization for further authorization.

Once the account is reregistered, you may proceed with sharing the Workspace.

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