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Why am I prompted to log in when I open documents I downloaded from an exchange?


Exchange managers can encrypt PDFs and Microsoft Office files with IRM document security.

These files require you to authenticate your access with your Intralinks credentials.

The login prompt won't appear in the following scenarios:

  • If you're currently logged in to your Intralinks account in a web browser, the downloaded documents will open without an authentication prompt. The document security recognizes your active Intralinks session in the browser.

  • If you open a downloaded document and authenticate with your credentials, you can continue opening other secure documents without the authentication prompt - as long as you open each document within a few minutes of the previous one. This continuous access keeps your login session active.

    If you close a document and remain inactive for 30 minutes (default Intralinks session logout time), the next document you open will again prompt you for authentication.

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