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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: All Manager roles, Publisher Plus 

Depending on your exchange settings, you may be able to retrieve documents that were deleted from the exchange.

I want to

  • Access / download documents that I or another user deleted from my exchange.

About this task

  • Deleted documents are only accessible when the save deleted documents setting is enabled on the exchange.
    If the setting is not enabled, documents are immediately purged from the system upon deletion and cannot be retrieved (only the metadata and history remain).
    This setting is enabled on the template level prior to the exchange's creation and cannot be updated on the exchange. 

  • When documents are retrievable, you are only able to view and download them - not restore them directly into the exchange. If a deleted document is still required in the exchange, you must first download the file and then reupload it as a new exchange document.


If you'd like to check the exchange setting, follow these steps:

  1. On the lower right of your exchange screen, click Switch to IL5 View
    Note: If you don't see this link, click VDRPro on the upper left to return to your main exchanges list. Then look for the IL5 link.
  2. In the new interface that opens, locate your exchange on the workspaces tab.
  3. To the right of the exchange name, click go to > settings.
  4.  On the settings screen, refer to the documents section on the right.
  5. The first item, save deleted documents, will be either ON or OFF.


If save deleted documents is ON, use these steps to retrieve deleted files.

  1. On the Documents screen in the exchange, click Deleted Documents in the left-side pane.
  2. All documents deleted from the exchange will appear in the content area.
  3. To view a deleted document in the browser:
    a. Click the document's name.
    b. On the Properties screen, click View Document (lower right). 
  4. To download one or more deleted documents:
    a. Use the checkbox in the first column to select the documents.
    b. Click Download on the upper right.

Note: If the View Document and Download actions don't appear, save deleted documents is not enabled on the exchange.

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