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When you open a ticket with Intralinks Support for a technical issue, our Support team may ask you to capture a Fiddler log while performing the affected action in the Intralinks system.

About this task

Fiddler is a free, locally installed, third-party Windows application that records the web traffic between your computer and the Internet (in this case, the Intralinks system). Our teams can then analyze the log, which will help to identify the cause of an issue or error message.

Note: A Fiddler log isn't required for every issue / investigation. The Support agent assigned to your ticket will let you know if we need one. However, you are welcome to capture the log and include the file when opening your ticket, as it may lead to a faster resolution.

Fiddler is only needed for capturing the log, after which you can uninstall the application. But if installing a new application on your computer isn't an option, see Creating a HAR file for Intralinks Support.


Download and install Fiddler

  1. Visit
  2. Complete the fields for Fiddler Classic and click Download For Windows.
  3. Run the installer file.
  4. When the installation is finished, open Fiddler on your computer.
  5. In the menu bar, click ToolsOptions.
  6. Click the HTTPS tab. 
  7. Ensure that the following options are all selected.
  • Capture HTTPS CONNECTs
  • Decrypt HTTPS traffic
  • Ignore server certificate errors

  • Click OK to close the options.
  • Next, click the Filters tab in Fiddler's right-side pane.
  • Check the Use Filters box.
  • In the Hosts section:
    • Set the zone filter to Show only Internet Hosts (to ignore traffic on your local Intranet).
    • Set the host filter to Show only the following Hosts (to capture only traffic between you and the specific domain).
    • Add * in the field. Be sure to include the * symbol.

  • Lastly, click the Actions button and select Run Filterset now

    Note:  If any records are already visible in the left-side pane, you can optionally delete them now before proceeding.

  • Capture the Fiddler log

    1. Open a new browser window and log in to the Intralinks site.
      Or if you are having an issue with a locally installed Intralinks application, run the application now.
    2. Complete the process where you are experiencing the issue.
      For example: If you're seeing an error message when opening a document in a browser tab, perform all the steps that lead to the error.
    3. As you complete the steps, the results pane will display the web traffic.
    4. When you are finished, click FileSaveAll Sessions.
    5. Save the file.

    Next steps

    • If you have an open ticket, you can send us the Fiddler log through one of the following methods:
      • Reply to our latest email and attach the log file.
      • Open your list of Support requests on your Support Center profile and click the active ticket. Add or drag / drop the log file below the message box and click Submit.
    • If you have not yet contacted Intralinks:
      • Click Submit a Ticket to open a request with our Support team. Complete the Subject and Description fields, and choose Technical Issue in the drop-down menu. Add or drag / drop the log file below the message box and click Submit.


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