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if you're using an Intralinks client tool, you may need to add our server addresses to your company's allowlist for the application to connect through your firewall.

Your IT team may request the IP address of the Intralinks server(s).

Our servers are hosted behind Akamai firewalls and cache services. Our IP addresses are not fixed and will change on a regular basis (and could vary based on your location).

We recommend whenever possible to add our domain name URLs to your allowlist instead of an IP address.

But if an IP address is required, you can identify a server's address in your region with the nslookup command-line tool. 

  1. Open the Windows Command Prompt.
  2. Type nslookup Intralinks URL and press Enter.
  3. The response should appear similar to the following. Refer to the [IP] Address line.

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