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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: All Manager roles, Publisher Plus 

Permissions allow certain exchange managers and publishers to view and/or control documents. Permissions are assigned to groups of exchange members, not to individual members. All documents and folder permissions can be changed for selected groups.

The Permissions tab is only available to Publisher Plus and Manager roles.

Prior to permissioning, add folders, documents, and groups to your exchange. Some features require folder level permissioning to be enabled in your exchange settings.

You can perform the following tasks:

  • To view permissions for a group, click the Permissions tab. The first time this screen is displayed, you are asked to select the groups you want to see. If you have previously used the Permissions screen, the last set of groups that you selected is displayed. To change the groups that are displayed click Select Group and select the groups you want to see.
  • To view folder permissions, click All Folders in the left panel. Permissions for folders are only viewable when folder level permissions is turned on for the exchange. To view permissions for documents in a specific folder, click the folder in the left panel.
  • To edit permissions, mark the checkbox next to the group name in the header row of the grid, click Edit Permissions and select the desired permission. You can also edit permissions by right-clicking in a cell and selecting the desired permission. To apply changes, click Apply and select either Apply Changes (No Review) or Review & Apply by Group.

    If folder level permissions are turned on for the exchange, mark Override Folder, then select the permission.

    Note: You can also view or edit permissions from the Documents tab by right-clicking a document and selecting Permissions.

  • If you chose to review the changes before applying them, review the changes and click Approve. Click Next and select the people to which you want to send an alert and click Apply. If you do not see the changes you have made, click Refresh.
  • If you have changed permissions, you can revert the changes if folder level permissions is turned on for the exchange. Click in the  cell that you want to revert, click the x icon and select Revert Override.
  • To copy a group's permissions, select the group and click Copy Group. Select the groups to which you want to copy permissions, and click Apply.
  • To view a report that shows the current permissions for selected folders or documents, click Report/Export and select the report you want to view. The report is exported to a Microsoft Excel file. You can also access, run and download reports using the Reports tab.
  • To view the permissions for an individual document, right-click on it and select Permissions.


Permissions overview, Time: 3 and a half minutes

Permission tab: Permission types, Time: 3 and a half minutes

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