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This article will guide you through the logic and functionality of document searches in Intralinks, helping you to quickly locate the content you need.

Fields covered by searches

When you search for a document in Intralinks, the system looks for your keyword / term in the following fields:

  • Document title
  • Document note (from the document's Properties in the exchange)
  • Document's body / content
  • Any applied exchange metadata (e.g., string-based custom fields) 

Search logic

Searches rank documents containing all search words in sequence at the top of the results list. 

Below that, the results display any documents containing all of the search words in any order.  

If a document is missing even one of the search words, the results list will not display it. 

Additional points

  • Searches are case sensitive.
  • Use double quotes (" " ) around search terms for results displaying only that exact phrase.
  • The search logic does not include boolean (and / or ) functionality.


Let's say that your exchange contains documents with the following text:

Document 1: Business legal summary closing Merger

Document 2:  business tax deal legal Fiscal Synergy risk summary closing merger

Document 3:  business Legal RISK merger tax Deal

Document 4:  merger business LEGAL Fiscal Synergy risk summary closing

And you search for this phrase: Business Legal Risk Merger

You'll see the following order in the search results:

  1. Document 3
  2. Document 2
  3. Document 4

Document 3 contains all the search words in sequence.  

Documents 2 and contain all the search words but in a different order.  

Document 1 is not returned because it's missing Risk from the search term. 

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