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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus


Why is the link to my Intralinks archive showing error messages?


In some cases, Intralinks may send you a direct link for downloading an archive. While an archive remains on our servers for approximately 180 days, the link you received is only valid for seven days before it expires.

If you're trying to download an archive from a direct link and see an error message (e.g., XML Request has expired), your link is likely no longer valid.

To get an updated download link, please email our support team at archivesupport@intralinks.com. Or to speak directly with an agent, find our Support line in your region.

Note: This article only applies if we sent you a URL link from which to download your archive. If you're downloading an archive from the Orders & Archives page on your hub, the download link refreshes automatically.

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