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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus

An Intralinks archive gives you a complete record of all exchange documents and actions, as of the date the archive was generated. The type of archive (Data or Compliance) determines what is included in the archive.

Data archive — Request a data archive if a buyer/participant/investor/counterparty requires a record of the deal at signing and closing. Data archives include the documents, folders and Q&A comments that are visible to the person selected in the Viewpoint field. Any documents that are deleted or unavailable to the selected user do not appear in the archive copy.

Compliance archive — Request a compliance archive if you need an audit trail of the exchange for your own records or for a regulatory body. Compliance archives include all documents (including deleted documents), folders, Q&A comments (if Q&A is being used) and audit history for the exchange. Information is included for all users and groups.

  • Compliance archives also have additional detailed audit records, which are found in the archive's Audit and Doc-Audit folders.
  • To view the audit records, you will need Microsoft Excel.

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