Sharing Workspaces and folders | VIA Pro for the Desktop

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Product: VIA Pro for Desktop
Applies to: Owners

You can use VIA Pro Desktop to add participants to Workspaces and folders.

I want to

  • Share a Workspace or folder with other participants
  • Invite users to my Workspace


  1. Open your local Intralinks VIA folder. 
  2. Right-click on the Workspace or folder you want to share, then select Share Workspace (or Share Folder) in the menu that appears. 
    Note: If you're a Mac user and don't have a right-click option, press / hold the Control key and click the folder.
  3. On the Share Workspace Share Folder screen, enter the invitees’ email addresses. 
  4. (Optional) Enter a message that will appear in the email alerts sent to the invitees. 
  5. Assign a role to the new participants.
    Note: You can select one role for all the users you are inviting. If you need to add someone with a different role, you can follow the steps again and invite that person separately.
  6. Click Share.


Time: 2 minutes

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