Getting around in the VIA Pro for iOS app

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Product: VIA Pro for iOS
Applies to: Owners, Editors and Viewers

You will spend most of your time working with Workspaces that you have created or have been invited to use. At times, though, you may need to view notifications about changes that affect your Workspaces or change the settings you selected for Intralinks VIA Pro.

On an iPad, you can use the row of icons along the left side of the Intralinks VIA Pro screen to display notifications, files that you have downloaded, settings screens, help tools, and to return to your Workspaces. If you tap the menu icon, a menu will slide out, displaying the names of the icons. This is helpful if you forget what the icons are used for, but it is optional. When you are familiar with the icons, you can tap the icon to view the screen you want.

On an iPhone, tap the menu icon to display these options.

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