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Product: VIA Pro for Android
Applies to: Owners and Editors

The VIA for Android app features built-in functionality that allows you to annotate non-IRM-protected PDF files. You can add notes, highlight text and add other editing changes. 

I want to

  • Annotate a file

About this task

  • Your first and last name will be added to each of your annotations.
  • When you finish making annotations and close the file, the changes are uploaded to the Workspace, and the annotations will be visible to everyone who is allowed to view the file.
  • Annotations can be edited, moved and deleted by others. The name of any person who modifies an annotation is attached to the annotation.


  1. Tap a PDF file in a Workspace to open it.
  2. In the PDF window, tap the Annotate (pencil on paper) icon at the top.
  3. Make the necessary annotations using the toolbar.
  4. When you're finished, tap the X icon.
  5. Tap the arrow icon on the upper left.
  6. The annotated version is uploaded to the Workspace.

Annotation tools

  • Highlight/Squiggle/Strike Out/Underline – Tap this tool and choose an option. Then drag your finger over the text you want to affect. You can use the Ink tool to change the color.
  • Free text – Tap this tool to place text directly on the page; the text will not appear in a note box.
  • Pen – The Pen tool allows you to draw freehand lines and drawings. You can use the Ink tool to change the color and width of the lines made by the Pen tool.
  • Notes – Notes appear within a Note box. You can change the color of the note box and icon, and the shape of the icon, by tapping the Edit tool inside the Note box.
  • Ink tool – The Ink tool allows you to change the color of annotation text and lines.

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