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Product: VIA Pro for Android
Applies to: Owners, Editors and Viewers

You can use the VIA for Android app to view non-IRM-protected Workspace files on your mobile device.

I want to

  • View file content
  • Open Workspace files on my Android device

About this task

  • The VIA for Android app doesn't support viewing IRM-protected files on your device.
    • Files are protected at the discretion of the Workspace owner.
    • Protected files are identified by a locked shield icon to the right of the file name.
    • To view protected files, please use VIA Web.
  • With the VIA for Android app, owners and editors can annotate PDF files and upload the new versions to the Workspace. For all other file types, the app is used only for viewing the files. 
    • If you make changes to a file in a third-party app and want to upload the new version to the Workspace, you'll need to transfer the file to a computer and use either VIA Web or VIA Desktop.
  • If the Workspace name, file name, or folder name contains an ampersand (&), you will not be able to view download the file or view it in the online viewer. 


  1. In the Workspace, tap the file’s name.
    • PDFs and Microsoft Office files will open in a VIA viewer window.
  2. Depending on how your Workspace is set up, you may also be able to view unprotected files in other compatible applications. To do this, tap the ellipsis icon android_ellipsis_icon.png to display the quick action menu.
  3. Tap the Open In icon to display a list of compatible applications you can use to open the file.

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