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  • How do I get an Intralinks account?
  • How can I get access to a VDRPro exchange or VIA Pro Workspace I'd like to see?


First, thank you for your interest in using Intralinks!

If you'd like to access Intralinks for a particular exchange or Workspace, you'll need to contact either the host organization or one of the individuals administering the exchange / Workspace. 

Intralinks is a neutral third party. Our customers (hosting their exchanges / Workspaces) determine who they would like to invite and grant access to.

If a host adds you to an exchange or Workspace, you'll receive a welcome invitation email. And if you're a new Intralinks user, you'll also receive an email with your account's credentials and instructions for your first login.

The easiest way to request access is to check with someone who's already working in the exchange or Workspace you're interested in. If you have a colleague with access, ask them to review their Intralinks alert emails or the system for an exchange key contact manager or Workspace owner. 

You can then get in touch with that individual to request access.

Additional information

If you're a potential customer interested in using Intralinks for your business, please contact our sales team to request a product demo and quote. An experienced sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

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