Logging in using fingerprint scanning | VIA Pro for Android

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Product: VIA Pro for Android
Applies to: Owners, Editors and Viewers

If your Android device has fingerprint scanning capability, you can use your fingerprint to access Intralinks VIA Pro.

I want to

  • Use fingerprint scanning to log in


If you have not set up fingerprint scanning on your device, you can do so by opening your device’s Settings app, tapping Security, and then opening your device’s fingerprint manager application. Follow the instructions on the screen to enroll your fingerprint.

Important! Anyone whose fingerprint is enrolled on your device will be able to access Intralinks VIA and view or change the contents of your Workspaces. If you share your device with a colleague or family member who uses fingerprint scanning, always log out of Intralinks VIA before sharing your device.

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