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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Owners, Editors and Viewers

If you've installed the VIA Pro for the Desktop application on your computer, you can sync your Workspaces in VIA Web to your computer.

Any changes made to the Workspace will sync automatically to your local Intralinks VIA folder.

If your Workspace role allows you to update content, any changes you make to the files on your computer will sync automatically to the Workspace in VIA Web.

Note: Depending on the policies set by your organization’s Intralinks VIA administrators, the sync feature may not be available to you.

I want to

  • Sync my Workspaces locally to my computer
  • Enable syncing on my Workspace


  1. Click the Workspace tile to open it.
  2. To begin syncing, click the Turn On Sync sync_icon.png icon on the upper right of the screen. An orange check mark will appear on the icon to indicate that the Workspace is being synced. To stop syncing a Workspace, click the icon again.
    • You must click the icon for each Workspace that you wish to sync.
  3. To view synced Workspace files on your computer, ensure that VIA Desktop is running.
  4. Open the Intralinks VIA folder in your Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. Each synced Workspace is a separate subfolder.

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